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Hey here’s an idea for an anime: a thirteen-episode magical girl show a la Space Dandy where each episode is written and directed by women working in Japan’s animation industry. So an episode by Rie Matsumoto (of Kyousogiga), an ep by Sayo Yamamoto (of Fujiko Miine and Michiko to Hatchin), an ep by Soubi Yamamoto (of Meganebu fame), an ep by Akemi Hayashi (who has directed among other things ep 5 of Space Dandy)…doesn’t especially need a coherent storyline, just thirteen episodes of experimental magical girl stuff meant to draw attention to prominent female creators in the industry who don’t get enough work

Honestly my one big disappointment w/ the upcoming Sailor Moon reboot is that they didn’t get more women in chief staff positions. Sailor Moon back in the 90s was chockablock w/ talent (Ikuhara, Enokido, Junichi Sato Igarashi etc.) but w/ a few exceptions (the creator of Princess Tutu comes to mind) the most successful of them were all talented men. A magical girl series a la Sailor Moon made to draw attention to the talents of women in the industry in the same way that Space Dandy was meant to empower individual animators/directors would be really cool to see

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